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in all language combinations of manuals, websites, advertising texts, contracts, press releases, business correspondence, technical and medical-scientific documentation, academic essays and articles, sworn translation.


for occasions such as business negotiations, fairs, exhibitions and congresses, teleconferences.


of already translated documents or texts for publications.


through the creation of terminology databases ensuring the uniformity of your documents, thanks to the latest translation software (SDL Trados Studio, Multiterm, Across).



SC Translate has a worldwide network of specialist medical translators. Our clients include international pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical devices, insurance companies, medical advertising agencies and foundations.

We translate SPCs, ICFs, study protocols and package leaflets, but also technical medical texts such as manuals for medical equipment, software manuals and software applications. We also translate marketing and product texts such as catalogues, brochures, websites and patient diaries.


Whether you need catalogues or presentational leaflets for the latest device version, training documents or newsletters for your employees or sets of agreements for inter-company collaborations, we can provide specialist translators for all areas of the technical-mechanical sector. We translate technical documents such as manuals, operating instructions, inspection instructions and protocols and specifications for various branches of industry and their suppliers.
Consistent correct use of technical terms is particularly important in this field. If desired we are also able to incorporate company-specific terminology into the translation. For this we work with terminology databases and special software: This both saves costs and ensures high quality.


Do you work and advise in the legal sector and need support with you correspondence, communication and documentation in the international arena? We will support you in the translation of contracts and petitions, patents, Articles of Association, General Terms and Conditions, verdicts and notarised documents, as well as documents relating to the protection of brands and trademarks.

In all stages of our work we guarantee absolute confidentiality and special care in safeguarding your data.


SC Translate and its German partner company Bantelmann Translate offer a wide-ranging language consultancy for all activities revolving around language exchange and communication. Quality and flexibility are the key words of our work, with a range of customised services for you.

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Our relationship with our customers is built on mutual respect and we guarantee absolute confidentiality. That is why you will not find an exhaustive list of all our customers on this page, but rather a small selection of things our clients have to say about us.

If you are interested in seeing further references, please get in touch with us.


SC Translate works according to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100 standards. The ISO certification is held by the German affiliate Bantelmann Translate GmbH and applies to all internal and external processes. This gives you the assurance that our quality processes satisfy strict requirements and are always used.

Key points of the ISO 9001:2008 certification:

  • Our translators have a high level of professional qualification and experience.
  • Our project managers are well-educated and skilled at their jobs.
  • Our employees and translators undergo continuous further training.
  • We employ translation memory systems and terminology databases.
  • Every text that is sent out from our company has been carefully checked by a second qualified translator (four eyes principle).
  • We employ reliable technologies for archiving and deleting data in order to guarantee secure and confidential treatment of customer data at all times.


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